Does Having Gay Parents Influence School Curriculum?

Lesson plans should be the same for students of different types of families. In schools, there is great discrimination against students having gay parents. They are subjected to humiliation and embarrassment by their fellow students in classrooms or by the education authority. The basic need for any school-going child is to receive love from his/her parents irrespective of whether they are two moms or two dads. Keeping this in mind and thinking rationally, active steps are now being taken to ensure that all students can demand equal educational rights, irrespective of having gay parents.

Determining the educational needs of students having gay parents

Elementary education is the basic right every child should have. Being an educator or teacher, your objective should be to impart good teaching to their innocent minds, to help them thrive in elementary education. No school or state legislature can decline free education to students having gay parents in any legal manner. Students are not responsible for their parents’ decisions and adults of the same sex living together also affirm the meaning of love and care in their own way. Therefore, children having gay parents have as much right to education as any other student.
Schools have no right to discriminate against such children because they are innocent and in no way responsible for having gay parents and too young to exercise any choice in the matter. They are fresh, young minds and they need love. If they get that love from parents who are of the same sex or from opposite sexes, the significance is the same for them.

Elementary education should help in establishing the equality of all students irrespective of family diversities. From an early stage, teachers and school officials should educate all students and their families about same-sex parents and related issues. At school, students having gay parents feel intimidated and mortified and this leads to considerable emotional stress. The responsibility of such schools should be to educate students about family values and tolerance. A bias free atmosphere alone can help students from traditional as well as unorthodox families thrive in the educational sphere.


  1. Cindy Garza says

    Dr. Patricia Fioriello, God Bless you for giving you the knowledge to write books and articles of gay parents, to educate school staff, etc…I am at this moment in this situation, with a school district, of how this particular teacher is putting our daughter in the cold, due to discrimination of her parents. I love my daughter with all my heart, my soul, for all my life. You are a true life saver to me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart that God has given you such a wonderful talent to write such amazing books that touch us all. My gratitude to you.
    Cindy Garza

  2. Dr. Patricia Fioriello says

    Hello Cindy,
    Thanks for the positive comments. As educators it is our responsibility to provide quality services for ALL children! We hope our resources help you during your challenging time with your daughter’s teacher and school. Perhaps if the school understands more about your situation, they will be able to meet the needs of your child. That is the goal of DRPF Consults – to provide valuable information so that the education community can make better decisions and improve the learning experience for ALL children. Good luck to you and your family!

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