Girls Denied Same Opportunities as Boys to Excel in Math

New study contradicts previous research that girls cannot excel in math. 

It is agreed girls do as well as boys in average math skills.  When it comes to high level and advance math, boys excel.  That is according to the research.

Past research concludes boys have greater ability and aptitude for higher level math.  Not true. 

Latest study points in a different direction.  Boys and girls are treated differently in math classes.  Boys are expected and given more chances to participate in advance math classes.

Girls Denied Opportunities To Excel In Math

Are U.S. schools guilty of gender inequality in mathematics?

  • Elementary and middle school boys have more opportunities and encouragement to excel in advance mathematics.
  • High school and college males are encouraged to pursue mathematics degrees and career options.
  • Few girls in the United States test in the top 1 percent in mathematics.  More girls perform above the 99th percentile in mathematics in other countries.

Actions speak louder than words.

Educators are traditional in their approach and assume boys have a greater interest in math.  Girls actively participate in math related areas such as technology and research.  How often is a girl encouraged to pursue a mathematics degree?  It is still true that the very select and advance math positions are usually reserved for males.

Start by changing perceptions.

Gender equality and curriculum issues in education are not going to change overnight.  Start today and become more aware of perceptions and actions.

  • Elementary and middle educators – ask girls to participate in math discussions and related activities.
  • High school educators –  encourage girls to sign up for advance math classes and pursue college degrees in mathematics.
  • Explore what other countries do to achieve greater numbers of girls testing in top percentages in mathematics.


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