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Hot Topics In Education

Top 3 hot topics in education today!

With the changing of educational standards, new breakthroughs in technology, and the every-changing best practices theories, there are many hot topics in education. Whether or not you have school-aged children now or will have soon in the near future, it is important that you keep up with these hot topics. It might not seem important to you, but it is important to parents of students and teachers alike. For teachers, knowing the latest trends and hot topics in education is an important part of the ever-important process of expanding your knowledge and skills.

Here are the 3 top hot topics in education we deem most important.

Standardized Tests

Unfortunately, this hot topic in education makes most teachers cringe and most students roll their eyes. Standardized tests are an excellent idea in theory, but they pose many problems elsewhere. Our education system has been so decentralized, that coming up with a coverall-standardized test is almost impossible. Each state has its own standards with a surprisingly large gap from state to state. The difference in achievement expectations in the top ten states and the bottom ten states is scary.

So what is the solution? Again, we are not sure that there is one answer, but a good place to start would be by implementing an education system nationwide that holds all students to the same basic academic standards in areas such as reading, math, and science. Sure each state will have some differences, but these three vital subjects need to have nationwide standards set.

Technology in the Classroom

With the emergence of a generation completely dependent on technology for even the most basic of human communication, it is becoming almost a necessity to include some aspect of technology every day in the classroom. For many teachers, this is exciting and cutting-edge, but for others, especially those not confident in the use of technology, this is extremely intimidating.

There are a plethora of new innovations and online websites designed to make this easier for teachers, but it all starts with school districts providing classrooms with the resources they need to make this happen. If we could choose one technology must-have for the classroom it would a SMART Board. This incredibly amazing, yet some what expensive technology has endless capabilities and usually comes with extremely good training to set teachers up for success.

School Safety

It has been a few years since the last major issue involving a student or former student entering a campus and committing mass homicide; this is good, but it is not the measure of the safety of our schools. And let’s not forget the ongoing incidences where serious harm and death have occurred as the result of a troubled student.

If we look at the setups and security measures at most schools, it is shocking how easily these travesties could happen more often. It is high time school districts decide to put money into the safety of their students and staff. A student should not be able to get things like knives, drugs, and guns into the building, or worse traffic them there; unfortunately, with backpacks, lockers, cars, and plenty of hiding spaces, it is not a difficult thing to do. Extreme measures need to be taken to ensure the safety of our students during the time when they are supposed to feel the most safe.

These may not be the top 3 hot topics in education for all teachers and parents, but they are currently a major concern to many. Tomorrow’s leaders are determined by how well we equip and prepare our children. This will be made possible by high standards for education, technology properly implemented in the classroom, and a safe learning environment for all students.

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  1. says

    Hi, a standardized test may only be good to a certain extend. Yes i agree that it pose more problems to the people who actually make it work, eg. the teachers. But from a higher point of view, who wouldn’t agree that standardized test will be more beneficial. This is only true till you put into consideration the people who actually work for the system..

    Hmm, i donno bout this, but im getting a little bit confused myself too..

  2. Dr. Patricia Fioriello says

    The topic of standardized tests can be confusing and overwhelming mostly because there are two sides to every issue. Sure it is important and necessary to test students to measure their performance and the performance of the teacher and school. The big questions that always lead to heated debate are – how to test students, when to test and what to use the results for…

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