Big Question Behind Merit Pay for Teachers Debate

Merit Pay for Teachers

The current merit pay for teachers debate is far from being resolved, with valid arguments on both sides of the issue. Formerly introduced as a way to encourage teachers to perform better and thus providing better learning experiences for students, the merit pay for teachers debate has had a long history of whether there are […]

Testing Is Not Teaching What Should Count in Education

Testing Is Not Teaching What Should Count in Education

Unrealistic emphasis is placed on standardized test results and often it is difficult to remember that testing is not teaching what should count in education. According to Teachers College at Columbia University, over 100 million standardized tests are administered to U.S. students each year. NCLB (No Child Left Behind) requires state math and reading standards and […]

Time to Throw Away the Teacher Evaluation Checklist

teacher evalaution checklist

Outstanding, good, satisfactory, needs improvement, unsatisfactory. And that’s our evaluation – a teacher evaluation checklist. Helpful, isn’t it? Teacher evaluation is an integral part of improving achievement in the classroom and yet studies show that most teacher evaluations are usually “rosy.” A national report created by the New Teacher Project shows that evaluations do not […]

2 Major Challenges of Merit Pay in Education

Rewarding Teacher Performance with Merit Pay

Mention merit pay in education or “pay for performance” and you will spark a lively, or contentious, debate among teachers. The idea that teachers should be compensated for their students’ achievement levels is nothing new, but some schools are experimenting with pay for performance, and President Obama said that teachers should be paid much more […]

Authentic Assessment in Education

Authentic Assessment in Education

What is the role of authentic assessment in education? When students feel like they are doing meaningful work, they are more likely to remain engaged in learning. This applies from the youngest students to those in high school, but is especially important during middle and high school when many students – but not all — […]