Are You Ready to Implement the School Master Schedule?

Are you ready to implement the school master schedule?

The school master schedule is created to arrange staff, students, allotted time, and physical resources together so that optimum learning takes place.

One can say it the baby of the principal of the school as he/she has major command of it. It reflects his/her ability (or inability) to organize, to conceptualize, and demonstrate detailed planning.

The Principal will need to take care in creating this schedule as it is adjusted all year round and can have a detrimental impact on the total school program.

School master schedule checklist

  • A schedule for ALL students as to what classes they need to take.
  • Students able to take the elective subjects they want to choose.
  • Sufficient time for students and teachers to achieve the objectives/expectations for each grade/subject.
  • An appropriately equipped classroom and learning area for each scheduled class/teacher.
  • Schedule should allow no wasted time between classes. And neither should it be too tiring for the students and teachers. Proper gap between classes is good.
  • Supervision should be provided when students are not in scheduled classes such as field trips, lunch, assemblies, etc.
  • All the teachers should be assigned to work their areas of certification and expertise.  Division of departments among teachers is very important, as every person specializes in something.
  • Teachers should be given their preferred classes/grade levels as it will grow their interest and hence produce good results.
  • Teachers should have adequate planning time, especially if teaming is employed so that they can work according to their and students convenience.

A few factors to consider in making the master schedule

*Size of Student Body: it is important as every class has different number of students, so they need to plan accordingly.

*Curriculum/Instructional Emphasis: for example core classes in Math, Reading, Writing, etc.

*Plan according to number of regular teachers and then take in consideration the visiting and special teachers that are available. A schedule of any itinerant teachers is also to be considered.

*Keep in mind the expertise of a particular teacher.

*Schedule will obviously depend on number of classrooms/teaching stations one has in the school.

*Availability and number of teacher aides.

*Lunch breaks and other breaks should be as per size of cafeteria.

*School start and end times should depend on the weather condition of the school district.

*Always consider proper transportation and bus schedules.

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