Available Online Doctorate Degrees Through Reputable Institutions

Online Doctorate Degree

When online doctorate degrees were first offered on the Internet, many individuals wondered if they were legitimate and comparative to a traditional university. However, it was not long after that the acceptance and legitimacy of obtaining a doctorate degree online became highly popular and a valuable alternative to attending a local college. In fact, they […]

Finding The Best Online Doctorate Degrees

Online Doctorate Degrees

When you are looking for online doctorate degrees, it is important to do your research. Because earning a degree (particularly a doctorate) is such a huge investment in time and money, you must do the proper investigative research before deciding. In order to find the best online doctorate degrees, it is best to narrow down […]

The Disturbing Trend of Cyber Bullying Teachers

Cyber Bullying Teachers

While cyber bullying is a cause of concern for many students today, what many people don’t realize is that cyber bullying teachers is another disturbing trend that has been on the rise. This cyber bullying against teachers is being conducted by both pupils and their parents, and more than 1 in 7 teachers are reported […]

Surviving the First Year

Surviving the First Year

If you feel like college did not prepare you for teaching, then this article may give some helpful advice for new teachers. I taught for many years, and when I think back to that first year it makes me feel the anxiety all over again. There is so much that happens in an actual school […]

3 Daily Reminders for First Year Principals

3 Daily Reminders for First Year Principals

The job of a first year principal is one that very few people can understand until the first day of in-service when you realize that all the preparation in the world could not get you ready for the days ahead. I cannot begin to express the gamut of emotions- excitement, apprehension, joy, and nervousness. All […]