How To Support LGBT Families In Elementary School

One of the main points of focus for every school community should be ensuring that all families are welcome and valued. Every individual child should believe that their parents and teachers are working together, and every student should believe that they and their families are respected. Conveying this becomes even more important when a family […]

Shocking Effects of Poverty on Education

Poverty on Education

Poverty has been known to have core effects on education amongst children. It however has both positive and negative effects on these children, though the negative ones far outweigh the positive effects. Children from poor families receive a poor level of education as compared to those in families that are well off financially. In addition […]

What Single Gender School Statistics Say About Learning

Single Gender School Statistics

In recent years, there has been resurgence in interest in single gender school statistics. Single gender or commonly called same sex schools have been common in private education for a long time; however, after practically disappearing during the mid-20th century, these types of schools are gradually beginning to reestablish themselves in public education as well. […]

10 Ways to Embrace Gay Parents in the Elementary School

Gay Parents

Different family dynamics are one of the most controversial hot topics in education today. It is becoming more common for students to come from a variety of different backgrounds and upbringing. Many students come from divorced homes, or are raised by guardians that are not their biological parents. Recently there are more students that come […]