What’s All the Hype About the Flipped Classroom Model?

Flipped Classroom Model

Why is flipped classroom idea getting so much hype these days?

It is because since the time it first started, it has shown improvement at various levels. Students love this system and are more excited about flipped classroom model learning.

Some of the best aspects of flipped classrooms are:

  • The flipped classroom model is more like a representation of Socratic approach of learning which included consequential conversations between students and their teachers.
  • It is a model presented by great psychologists and educators who put more stress on exciting aspects of learning new things.
  • According to cognitive science, students should be getting instant response.
  • The online aspect of the flipped classroom model is making it more diversified and supportive for majority of struggling learners.

The flipped classroom model is successfully helping teachers a great deal to deliver more in less time. With the help of the flipped model students are about to:

  • Get rid of traditional boring and monotonous ways of classroom routine
  • Learn how to implement what they have learned right on the next day of learning
  • Grab more time and attention of their teachers
  • Clarify points that students are not easily getting
  • Enjoy great time with their other classmates while working as a team to complete a number of projects.

Some people are afraid that through this system teachers will entirely be replaced by technology eventually. But this is just a misconception. The flipped classroom is not replacing teachers but it is simply a way to refine the present day education process which would meet the demands of 21st century. All that is required on the large scale is recruiting, training and encouraging best teachers so that they can aptly follow the flipped classroom model for the benefit of their entire classrooms.

Instructional videos should be seen as an influential tool for teachers to produce original and exciting content, communicate resources and hence make practice better and more productive.

Flipping classroom demands no lectures in the class. No standing up in front of the whole class and explaining what is written in the books, while kids keep quiet and listen intently. Such a method does not offer interaction and collaboration in learning process.

The flipped classroom model can be the solution to major issues faced by both students and teachers due to conventional method of learning.

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