25 Things to Know About Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Social Emotional Learning

One of the hot topics in education addressing current education issues is Social Emotional Learning (SEL).

In the past, emphasis was not placed on this type of learning.Research has consistently demonstrated that it is as important as other types of learning. In the recent years, the world of education has placed a great deal of focus on this type of learning.

Here are 25 things you might be surprised to know about this kind of learning and one of the most popular hot topics in education.

1. Social Emotional Learning is learning life skills. They are skills that can be used throughout the entire lifetime.

2. It involves learning to interact with others in a positive manner. Children learn how deal with conflict or uncomfortable situations with others.

3. It is a self-awareness process. SEL is learning about oneself.

4. It involves learning to recognize and manage feelings and emotions.

5. Learning ethical behavior and decision-making is part of Social Emotional Learning.

6. It began in the 1990s with Daniel Goleman’s book that brought about the concept of emotional intelligence. It became one of the hot topics in education and is still one of the current education issues.

7. Involves recognizing other people’s emotions and reacting accordingly. It also involves deescalating other people’s emotions when menaced by conflict.

8. Anger management and dealing with strong emotions is part of Social Emotional Learning.

9. Social Emotional Learning teaches how to effectively work in groups and be a team player.

10. When children learn self-regulation, they are practicing Social Emotional Learning. This is a very important skill to have later on in adulthood to control emotions by oneself. This is why it is one of the hot topics in education.

11. Children that have Social Emotional Learning are more likely to resist peer pressure and stay firm to their values. It is one of the current education issues because children are not learning this in school.

12. Social Emotional Learners create positive relationships with peers and with the community. They respect authority figures and cooperate with others. One of the current education issues in our society is that children are not learning respect for their elders and authority figures.

13. Through SEL, individuals learn about themselves and how to identify their strengths and weaknesses.

14. Good listening and communication skills are learned through SEL. This is a very important skill to have for a successful career. One of the hot topics in education is teaching and preparing children to be successful professionals in the future.

15. Social Emotional Learning teaches children to embrace and respect diversity. They learn to keep an open mind and respect others’ differences.

16. Many schools are implementing programs and curriculum that include Social Emotional Learning.

17. Children in programs with SEL are more likely to be successful, avoid crime, and complete higher education.

18. Social Emotional Learning can begin at a very early age. Infant children can be taught self-regulation and positive communication skills.

19. A healthy attachment between the parents and child is necessary for successful Social Emotional Learning. The child needs to feel safe and protected enough to go out and explore the world.

20. Social Emotional Learning can be very helpful for children with learning disabilities that struggle with social relationships. It is also a hot topic in education and one of the current education issues in special education.

21. Involves skills that are necessary in life no matter what career path is taken.

22. SEL is the key to successful relationships with spouse, family, children, co-workers, and peers later on in life.

23. It takes an entire community to teach SEL. It is something that cannot be taught only in the schools.

24. Parents are some of the best teachers for Social Emotional Learning. They must also model the behaviors that are taught.

25. Many case studies and research have demonstrated that this type of learning is very beneficial and successful.

The most important thing that can be taught to a child is how to live in the world, get a long with others, and understand themselves. Social Emotional Learning teaches the child behaviors that will promote their success and well-being in the world. It is one of the most important types of learning. It is one of the hot topics in education for groups or organizations that make decisions regarding current education issues.


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