Here is a Method Guaranteed to Engage Students and Inspire Teachers

A new found interest in the idea of a flipped classroom has made a number of folks including the readers at to finally start to think about the method and to ask questions about it.

What is a flipped classroom?

A flipped classroom is the reverse or opposite of the conventional classroom, where kids receive their lectures in the form of online videos that they watch at home and then go to school only to further discuss the topic with their class mates and teachers. It is a great help for students. This method makes it possible for teachers to give one on one attention to every student.

People are also very interested to know where this whole idea of flipped classrooms came from.

Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams established the idea of flipped classrooms back in 2007. They started recording their live lessons using screen capture software and posted their lectures online for students to get hold of them.

The model is helping countless students in many ways. It is giving them the opportunity to broaden their concept of learning. Most of all it is fun. This idea is found to be best for struggling students and also for those who somehow are behind their class.


The flipped classroom model helps students of all ages take control of their own learning. One traditional method was to give a lecture while standing in front of the whole class and scribbling some illustrations and words or lines on the board to make kids understand a concept. But now so many individuals are complaining that those methods are not as helpful as they should be. They do not guarantee that the entire group of students understand the new concept. With the comfort of the flipped classroom model students can “rewind” their lessons as many times as they need to get it correct in their mind.

It has also been widely found that students are taking more interest in learning this way. They are getting more involved in learning activities after they have listened to the lecture at home and come prepared for the next step.

A method that helps all students.

On the other hand, the flipped classroom model has also helped teachers a great deal in handling the entire class and eliminating the old lecture in front of the classroom. Now they come prepared to handle more live questions and also they have a massive opportunity to build a strong relationship with their students individually.

Weak students can listen to their lectures at home and can come to school with questions about what is not clear to them. This way it becomes possible for both teachers and students to learn many things in the shortest time possible.


Several schools are adopting the idea of flipped classrooms and broadening the horizons of the perception of education. They are able to yield high results while applying this method in their schools and since 2007, the percentage of school dropouts is considerably lower in institutes which are using this method.

We can conveniently term the flipped classroom method to be the most modern and highly efficient system of education in present times when technology is ruling almost all areas of human life. Availability of wide spread lessons delivered by highly qualified and skillful teachers would make it possible for students from all around the world to take advantage of their lectures. This idea is also helping to build a reliable connection among students in different parts of the world.

To sum it up, the extraordinary method of flipped classrooms is certainly making teachers better in their teaching and students very good learners while having more control of their learning process.

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