Teacher Strategies for Disruptive Students

There are disruptive students in every classroom throughout the world.  Teachers are constantly in search for help, support, direction, and suggestions to handle such students. But teachers must understand this also can be the source of hope for almost all of them as they play a key role in their lives.  Their word and actions can change a child’s behavior forever.

To help a child change their behavior a teacher must try to know the home life of a child, their background and also try to get in touch with the parents of the child.  If possible the teacher should try to motivate parents to work with the school by mentioning the purpose for their child.

Almost all teachers face disruptive students at some point.  But the important thing is how a teacher deals with such students and makes them behave better so that they don’t interrupt the dynamics of the entire class.

The following are some of the strategies that a teacher can follow to deal with students with disruptive behavior.

Do not engage in arguments with the student

A teacher should try not to get engaged in extended and unavoidable arguments with the students.  It can be counterproductive and will affect a student negatively. Always be clear with your directions and expectations.  Avoid responding to offensive avowal, insults and upsetting remarks because by doing so they will become more prone to resistance and refuse to do what is asked of them.

Teachers must always remember that a disruptive student never likes to lose face in the presence of other classmates or friends.

Be consistent

A teacher should always be consistent in following the rules for the disruptive students when any mistake is done by them. Teachers should never change the rules according to their moods and likeness.

Guide by example

If you look forward to positive actions from a student then your own conduct should represent that anticipation, as teenagers are very watchful and observant.  Students tend to learn and absorb a lot from their surrounding situation and environment, and a teacher’s messages can affect them immensely.

Be evenhanded

Teachers should always be fair in the classroom as the learner knows when he/she is being treated fairly and when not.  Always avoid double standards in classroom.  It may prove to an obstacle to a successful classroom.

Disruptive students upset the whole classroom and also get in the way of the learning of their peers.  The attitude and approach of a teacher to address the student’s behavior should always be professional.

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